Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fall Fell 7 Miler Kill Creek Park

Once again Trail Nerds put on another great race. This was my first trail run since AT 100. It has been 2 weeks since that race and I haven't done a whole lot of training. Gabe and I drove over an hour just to run a 7 mile trail run. If Bad Ben puts on a race its WORTH IT !!! The trail had a little bit of everything hills, roots, rocks, water crossings, all good. Legs felt great, stayed relaxed finished in 50 min -something. I always forget to hit stop on the watch at the finish line. Next up Rock Creek 25k. I've got a races pretty much every weekend till December. Damn basement never gonna get finished.


davidultra49 said...

Can'twait to see you there this weekend buddy. I wish I had entered the 25km myself but I'm an idiot. I ran out there Sunday and the trail was in great shape as far as staying dry is concerned. There is a lot of leaf drop though which makes it suicide to run a fast pace. I think I rolled my ankle a half dozen times at a 2:20 25km pace.

Dirt Runner said...

Rick, I saw some of the photos of you from the last race the trail nerds did on Ben's site. It looks like you recovered well I'm not running again until RR100 in Feb.

Shane"CRASH"Jones said...

Rick, you need to update your blog! Happy New Year.

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