Monday, April 6, 2009

2009 Rockin K 50 Mile

Gate 6 A.S. Mi 13 1:52
Finished with the first marathon 4:19
Hard, but rewarding finish 9:19 2nd place

Congratulations to all who finished the marathon and 50 miler. I would classify this race's difficulty as a "graduate course". It's Kansas prairie so runners generally under estimate it.

This year it was pretty wet with extreme "wetness" at the water crossings. The course got 4 inches of snow a couple days before the race, so the feet never really got to dry out.

As for goals and strategy for this race I just wanted to run well and not die in the process. I did not expect to run a fast time. This was my fourth time at this race and it always beats me up.
Thomas McKenna, last year's winner and current course record holder passed me at about mile two. See ya! I had no delusions of trying to run him down. He knows the course really well and is an outstanding runner.

I made a few mistakes prior to the race that cost me a lot of undue suffering:

1. Forgot how hard this race is.
2. Should have used a drop bag. I went in to this race with a "minimal" mindset thinking I could finish with just gels and water. Might have worked if it had been cooler but the warm and windy temps made the sodium loss extraordinary.
3. Left my summer hat back at the hotel. Scalp sunburn blisters are epic.
4. No bodyglide/vaseline: Again, should have used a drop bag. Skin was still attached when my running shorts were removed.
5. Not enough trail training. Wet weather in March made most of the trails unrunnable in my area.

Yes, most of these are petty excuses and a lack of attention to detail. I still had fun and it was good to see a large contingent of KC Trail Nerds out there tearing it up. You guys are awesome!
We owe a big thanks to Phil, Stacy and all the KUS members who make it happen.